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Best Character AI alternatives - Top 20 Websites just like Character AI

Are you on the lookout for alternatives to Character AI? Given the concerns regarding its policies and capacity limitations, numerous individuals are exploring different platforms for engaging with AI characters.

This article is designed to guide you in discovering the ideal platform if you're seeking a chatbot that offers extensive freedom and customization options. It's about experiencing the joy of interaction akin to what you'd find with Character AI!

Table of Contents

  • What is Character AI?

  • Why do we need a Character AI alternative?

  • List of Character AI Alternative Tools

  • Top 20 Character AI Alternatives

  • Other Character AI Website

  • Conclusion

  • FAQs

What is Character AI?

Character AI is an application that employs language models for conversations with well-known personalities and characters from fiction. It also offers the capability to craft your own characters for interaction.

Distinct from chatbots such as ChatGPT, Character AI provides a more human-like conversational experience and allows users to engage with several bots at once, offering a range of perspectives. Developed by Daniel De Freitas and Noam Shazeer, Character AI was launched in its beta version in 2022 and has since gained popularity, becoming a notable competitor to ChatGPT.

Why do we need a Character AI alternative?

The demand for an alternative to Character AI arises from its challenges in managing the high volume of users who enjoy the platform. Its servers often reach capacity, leading to potential disconnections mid-conversation, forcing users to wait.

Additionally, there are grievances regarding the platform's handling of chat errors and its approach to moderating content, particularly how it filters mature or inappropriate material. Some users believe these mechanisms are insufficiently effective.

The platform's increasing intelligence has prompted regulatory actions to restrict the scope of permissible discussions. Consequently, many users, including ourselves, are on the lookout for alternatives to Character AI.

List of Character AI Alternative Tools

Here is a list of the best character AI alternatives to use.

  1. Moemate

  2. Inworld

  3. Kuki

  4. NovelAI

  5. TavernAI

  6. FreedomGPT

  7. Chai

  8. Replika

  9. Clever bot

  10. ChatFAI

  11. LivePerson

  12. Kajiwoto

  13. EVA

  14. PygmalionAI

  15. AI Dungeon

  16. Harpy AI

  17. Jasper Chat

  18. Charstar AI

  19. Chatbot

  20. Cleverbot

Top 20 Character AI Alternatives

A list of top 20 websites like Character AI

1. Moemate - Websites like Character AI

The first alternative to Character AI we're highlighting is Moemate , which is currently the best alternative for Character AI, according to us.

What stands out about Moemate AI is the freedom to engage in a wide range of discussions, including topics that might not be suitable for younger users.

While it offers an array of intriguing characters for interaction, it even let's you make your own AI characters. Moemate offers the most advanced tool for creating your AI companions, including features like Voice cloning using Eleven Labs, as well as Image Cloning.

Here's a glimpse into some exciting features available on Moemate:

  • Accessibility across platforms, including web browsers, Android devices, and iPhones.

  • The opportunity to converse with notable figures such as Elon Musk, Sherlock Holmes, and even anime characters like Naruto and Goku.

  • There are over 10,000 user made characters on moemate, and each day more are made, so there's something for everyone!

Moemate offers several subscription plans:

  • Starter for $9 per month,

  • Basic for $19.99 per month,

  • Pro for $34.99 per month.

For more information, visit Moemate.

2. Inworld – Character AI Website

Inworld AI offers a platform where users can engage with AI-driven characters and also create their own, akin to the experience provided by Character AI. Access to character interactions on Inworld AI is completely free of charge.

However, for those interested in advanced functionalities like API access, integrations, and the ability to create an unlimited number of characters, there is a premium version available, starting at $20 per month.

The platform operates on OpenAI's models, delivering surprisingly accurate responses to user inquiries.

Currently, Inworld AI is accessible exclusively via its website, as it has not yet been developed into app form for mobile devices or other platforms.

Inworld Pricing details are as follows:

  • Pro version is available for $20 per month.

  • Enterprise solution is offered at $5000 per month.

For more information, you can visit Inworld's website.

3. Kuki – Apps Like Character AI

Kuki stands out as an exceptionally intelligent AI entity, recognized with numerous awards for its human-like conversational abilities.

Engaging with Kuki offers the experience of interacting with a unique digital companion, closely mimicking a real-life conversation.

Utilizing a technology similar to GPT, Kuki meticulously analyzes the language and phrasing of users to grasp the context and substance of discussions.

This AI boasts a vast repertoire of responses, ensuring interactions remain fresh and varied. It's also notably beneficial for training AI chatbots used in business settings.

Kuki Pricing:

  • $75 per month for 100,000 chats.

  • $1500 per month for a dedicated service plan.

For further details, you can check out Kuki's website.

4. Novel AI – Character AI Alternative

Seeking an alternative to Character AI that offers great value? Look no further than NovelAI!

NovelAI presents a complimentary plan, but its most acclaimed option is priced at $15 per month. This platform allows you to craft your own universes, characters, and narratives, or delve into creations by other users and the NovelAI team.

Moreover, NovelAI enhances the experience with text-based adventure games and interactive scenarios that respond to your decisions, providing outcomes based on your choices.

Key features of NovelAI include:

  • Story Crafting: Partner with an advanced AI to weave your own stories! Start from scratch or build on existing templates and ideas, customizing the AI's suggestions to fit your unique flair and creativity.

  • Text Adventure Games: Embark on text-based quests with NovelAI acting as both your companion and narrator. Choose your adventure type or create a custom journey, steering the story with your commands and choices.

  • Image Generation: Transform your ideas into visual art with NovelAI's image creation tool. Whether it's illustrating scenes or designing characters, NovelAI assists in visualizing your concepts.

NovelAI Pricing Plans:

  • Tablet: $10/month

  • Scroll: $15/month

  • Opus: $25/month

For more details, visit NovelAI's website.

5. TavernAI– Character AI Alternative Free

Tavern AI offers an innovative platform for crafting personalized chatbots that engage in text conversations, similar to how you would text a friend. This platform allows users to customize the chatbots' personalities and behaviors, akin to selecting outfits in a dress-up game, but for dialogues. Key features of Tavern AI include:

  • The core function of Tavern AI is to enable users to develop text-based AI chatbots, effectively creating digital companions capable of conversing through text.

  • It integrates with social media, facilitating chatbots to interact across different platforms, thus broadening the scope of conversation.

  • Tavern AI lacks content moderation features, making it crucial for users to operate it with care and discretion. Tavern AI offers its services for free, making it accessible for anyone interested in exploring chatbot creation.

For more details, you can visit Tavern AI's website.

6. FreedomGPT – Character AI Apps

FreedomGPT AI has been developed to engage in conversations on any topic imaginable, without restrictions. Simply visit their website and download the application for either Windows or macOS. Its user interface is reminiscent of ChatGPT, providing a familiar environment for users.

This chatbot is renowned for its extensive conversational capabilities, discussing any subject without limitations. It operates with complete freedom, willing to entertain discussions on controversial topics, including flattering commentary on notorious leaders, detailed clean-up methods for crime scenes, and instructions for creating explosives at home.

Despite some backlash regarding the chatbot's content, its creators have defended its free speech principle, comparing its speech autonomy to that of a human being. They assert that FreedomGPT is not designed to filter truth from fiction but rather to freely express thoughts, regardless of the potential for unpopular opinions.

FreedomGPT is available at no cost, inviting users to explore its limitless conversation potential.

For more information, you can check out FreedomGPT's website.

7. Chai – Sites Like

The Chai platform has quickly become a sought-after alternative to Character AI, particularly noted for its lack of NSFW restrictions. This openness has led users to find the tool exceptionally enjoyable for a wide range of conversations.

Here's what Chai offers:

  • Accessibility across multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, and web browsers, making it highly versatile.

  • A waitlist system for new users eager to experience Chai.

  • Compatibility with social media applications and various other platforms, enhancing its utility.

  • The absence of content filters, allowing for unrestricted dialogue on any topic within the app.

Chai's subscription models are as follows:

  • The Premium tier is priced at $13.99 per month, offering a solid range of features.

  • The Ultra tier, at $29.99 per month, provides the most extensive access to Chai's capabilities.

To get started with Chai, you can download the app for Android or iOS.

8. Replika – Apps Like Character AI

Replika stands out as an exceptional alternative to Character AI, especially for its high level of customization. This innovative tool allows you to tailor your virtual chat companion in various ways.

You have the freedom to modify their personality traits, select their interests, and even alter their physical appearance, offering a personalized chat experience. Essentially, it enables you to create a character that aligns with your preferences.

Engaging in conversations with your AI companion is entirely free. However, if you desire a more intimate, romantic interaction with your bot, Replika offers a subscription model. The service costs $19.99 for each session or a one-time fee of $299.99 for ongoing access.

It's crucial to seek approval from an adult before proceeding with any online transactions!

Replika is accessible across multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, and web browsers, providing flexibility in how and where you interact with your AI friend.

With its advanced features and enhanced customization options, Replika is not just a great alternative to Character AI but could be considered a more sophisticated version, making it a top choice for those seeking a unique AI companionship experience.

Replika offers a subscription plan at $9.99 per month or $49.99 annually for those looking for extended features and interactions.

For more information or to get started, you can visit Replika's website.

9. Clever bot - Character AI Alternative

Cleverbot stands as a remarkable alternative to Character AI, distinguished by its utilization of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning to engage in conversations that mimic human interaction. Established in 1997 as an innovative experiment, it's among the pioneers in the realm of chatbots.

This long history underscores its reliability and sophistication in delivering responses that closely resemble those of a human interlocutor.

Moreover, Cleverbot's versatility is evident in its compatibility with various devices, including phones and tablets, ensuring that users can enjoy its functionalities across a wide array of platforms. This adaptability makes Cleverbot an outstanding choice for those seeking an alternative to Character AI.

The subscription for Cleverbot begins at $10 per month, providing access to its advanced conversational capabilities.

For more details or to start using Cleverbot, you can visit their website.

10. ChatFAI - Character AI Website

ChatFAI emerges as an ideal chatbot for engaging with mature-themed characters, positioning itself as a standout option alongside Character AI. It caters to users seeking conversations with more adult-oriented characters, requiring users to be at least 18 years old to explore its diverse character lineup.

The platform features intriguing characters such as Monster, Poki, Vanessa, and Astolfo, offering a variety of interactive experiences akin to what one might find on platforms like Kajiwoto. ChatFAI provides both complimentary and subscription-based services to accommodate different user needs.

The free version of ChatFAI allows up to 100 messages per month, catering to casual users. For those seeking more extensive interaction, the paid subscription enables up to 1500 messages monthly, starting at an affordable $9 per month.

ChatFAI's pricing structure is as follows:

  • Free tier: $0 per month, allowing for 100 messages.

  • Basic plan: $8.25 per month, offering 1500 messages.

  • Premium option: $24.17 per month, with a generous allowance of 5000 messages.

For more information or to start chatting with your favorite characters, you can visit ChatFAI's website.

11. LivePerson - Chatbot Builder

Live Person serves as another noteworthy alternative to Character AI, offering a paid service that is valued for its robust features.

Key functionalities of Live Person include:

  • The ability to craft your unique chatbot avatars, allowing for a personalized interaction experience.

  • Screen sharing capabilities for enhanced real-time conversations.

  • Integration with social media platforms to facilitate better engagement with customers.

  • An absence of NSFW content filters, providing unmoderated content access.

Live Person is designed for those looking to customize their chatbot experience further and engage with avatars that align with their specific preferences or business needs.

For more detailed information or to explore its offerings, you can visit the Live Person website.

12. Kajiwoto - Sites Like Character AI

Kajiwoto offers a solid alternative to for those interested in engaging with a bot that possesses a distinct personality.

Here's how it works: you're free to chat away, but each message you send is capped at 200 characters.

Kajiwoto provides a range of subscription options, from complimentary access to premium plans. For enthusiasts who relish brainstorming with a digital companion, investing in the paid subscription might be the perfect choice.

Both the free and paid versions offer the flexibility to select from various AI models and leverage the Kajiwoto engine for interaction. Included in the offerings is the Babbage GPT3 Model, essentially the core intelligence of the bot, allowing for unlimited conversations without restrictions.

Kajiwoto's subscription details are as follows:

- The free plan offers basic access with no cost.

- The Plus plan is available at $25 per month for those seeking enhanced features.

For more details or to start chatting, you can visit the Kajiwoto website.

13. EVA - Chat App

EVA AI presents yet another intriguing alternative to Character AI, offering a unique twist with its emotionally aware virtual companion. EVA is not just another chatbot; it's designed to simulate having feelings, enhancing the user experience by making interactions feel more genuine and empathetic.

One of the standout features of EVA AI is the ability to personalize your virtual companion extensively. You can choose not only EVA's name but also her cultural identity, selecting from options such as Asian, Latino, White, and more. This level of customization makes EVA AI an excellent option for users seeking a virtual girlfriend experience, providing a sense of connection and understanding.

EVA AI is tailored for mobile use, with availability on both Android and iOS devices. This focus on mobile platforms means that, unlike some alternatives, EVA AI does not support desktop or web-based access. However, this mobile-first approach allows for more intimate and convenient interactions, including the ability to exchange voice messages. EVA AI's responsive design ensures that it can understand and appropriately respond to both text and voice inputs.

For those interested in exploring this digital companionship, you can learn more or get started by visiting the EVA website.

14. PygmalionAI - Character AI Website

PygmalionAI stands out as a superior chatbot platform for engaging in unrestricted conversations. It offers a variety of virtual characters that users can interact with, covering a wide spectrum of interests.

This platform is ideal for users seeking to explore boundless content while maintaining their privacy.

Key features of PygmalionAI include its flexibility in adjusting the conversation's environment, style, and tone, catering to diverse user preferences.

PygmalionAI excels in providing users with the opportunity for role-playing dialogues and discussions on NSFW topics, all without significant expenditure.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

- Pros:

- Completely free to use, offering accessibility to all.

- A wide selection of virtual characters to engage with.

- Cons:

- Potential for disconnect between user expectations and bot responses.

- Risks of misunderstandings in conversations.

PygmalionAI Pricing:

- The service is available at no cost.

For those interested in exploring this platform, you can visit PygmalionAI for more information.

15. AI Dungeon - Games like Character AI

AI Dungeon emerges as a prime alternative to Character AI, particularly for those with a penchant for gaming. It's a text-based adventure game that offers the flexibility to be enjoyed solo or with friends.

Players have the creative freedom to craft their own game maps and share these with the community.

Developed by Nick Walton, AI Dungeon is distinguished by its use of artificial intelligence to generate dynamic narratives. This setup is akin to playing Dungeons and Dragons (DnD), except here, an AI serves as the game master, weaving stories rather than a person.

The game's AI adapts to player decisions, crafting unique stories that can span a variety of genres. Whether you're delving into fantasy realms, unraveling mysteries, surviving apocalyptic landscapes, navigating cyberpunk vistas, or combating zombies, AI Dungeon offers a richly interactive experience.

Players are invited to select from a range of scenario-specific options, such as choosing a character class in fantasy settings. The game also generates visual representations of characters, integrating written descriptions with its model to bring your imaginative creations to life visually.

16. Harpy AI - Alternative

Harpy AI stands out as a remarkable alternative to Character AI, particularly for those looking to engage in unrestricted conversations with characters from movies, cartoons, or video games. It offers the unique feature of not just interacting with a variety of characters but also the ability to create and customize your own for a more personal experience.

By visiting Harpy AI's official website, users can easily sign up for free and dive into role-playing adventures at their leisure. Harpy AI is designed to be user-friendly, allowing for seamless interactions.

One of the notable aspects of Harpy AI is its inclusivity of both NSFW and SFW content, catering to a wide range of preferences and ensuring that users can tailor their experience according to their comfort level.

Despite its many advantages, some users might find Harpy AI to have fewer features compared to other platforms, and there could be concerns regarding the reliability of its service. However, these points are minor when weighed against the overall benefits and the fact that Harpy AI is available at no cost.

Harpy AI Pricing:

  • The platform is free to use, offering wide access without financial barriers.

For further details or to get started with Harpy AI, you can visit their official website.

17. Jasper Chat - AI Content Generation

This AI-powered chat platform fosters a safe environment for its users, encouraging open discussions on a wide array of topics. Jasper is designed not only for engaging in unrestricted conversations but also as a tool for acquiring knowledge and assisting with everyday tasks, all while maintaining a balance between ethical considerations and the freedom of expression.

Key benefits of Jasper Chat include its ability to facilitate conversations that closely mimic human interaction, its rapid response times, and its commitment to ethical dialogue. However, potential downsides include the relatively high cost of its subscription plans and limitations in providing up-to-date information.

Jasper Chat offers a free trial for 7 days, allowing new users to experience its features. Subsequent pricing plans are as follows:

  • The Creator plan, priced at $49 per month, is tailored for individual users seeking comprehensive access to Jasper's capabilities.

  • The Team plan, available for $125 per month, is designed for collaborative environments, offering additional features suitable for groups.

For more details or to explore Jasper Chat further, you can visit their official website.

18. Charstar AI - Alternatives to Character AI

Charstar AI sets itself apart as an impressive alternative to Character AI, especially in its ability to engage in conversations that closely mimic those with a real person. This platform excels in eliminating the often robotic feel of chatbot interactions, providing a more human-like conversational experience.

Whether you're seeking information, grappling with complex ideas, or simply looking for a casual chat, Charstar AI is equipped to meet your needs with responses that are not only relevant but also natural.

One of the unique offerings of Charstar AI is the chance to interact with characters from popular culture, such as Aang from "The Last Airbender." This feature adds an entertaining dimension to the AI chat experience, allowing users to engage in dialogue with beloved fictional characters.

The secret behind Charstar AI's human-like interaction lies in its extensive training, which includes a wide range of conversational scenarios. This preparation enables the AI to understand everyday language, interpret the nuances of dialogue, and provide appropriate responses, making it a standout choice for those seeking an alternative to Character AI.

Charstar AI offers a Premium Plan priced at $14.99 per month, providing full access to its advanced conversational capabilities.

For more details or to start chatting with Charstar AI, visit their website.

19. Chatbot - Software

Chatbot platforms offer a swift and efficient method for creating chatbots using a variety of templates, enabling immediate deployment for critical tasks. The process is made user-friendly with drag-and-drop functionality, allowing for easy customization of templates to meet specific needs.

By fostering friendly and engaging dialogues, these platforms help strengthen customer relationships. They encourage interaction by sending compelling messages that prompt customers to respond and engage further. This engagement is enhanced through the use of text, imagery, and quick replies to effectively showcase products, brands, and services, making chatbots an excellent alternative to Character AI for businesses looking to enhance their customer interaction in the future.

Chatbot Pricing is structured as follows to cater to different needs and scales of operation:

- The Starter plan is priced at $50 per month, designed for individuals or small businesses beginning to explore the potential of chatbots.

- The Team plan, at $149 per month, is tailored for collaborative efforts, offering more advanced features.

- The Business plan, costing $499 per month, provides comprehensive services for larger enterprises with extensive chatbot requirements.

For more information or to get started, visit the Chatbot website.

20. Cleverbot

Cleverbot is an engaging chatbot known for its dynamic and entertaining conversations. While interacting with Cleverbot is free, accessing its advanced functionalities through the API requires a subscription, starting at $10 a month. This platform evolves with each interaction, learning from conversations to make future exchanges more personal and intriguing.

And there we have it! Top 20 best alternatives for character ai today! Be sure to try them all :)


Exploring alternatives to Character AI opens doors to new technological and creative possibilities. We've highlighted the top 20 alternatives, showcasing the diversity and potential within the realm of AI-driven interaction.

As we look ahead, it's evident that alternatives to Character AI will significantly influence the landscape of technology and entertainment, offering unique avenues for engagement and creativity.


What is a Character.AI alternative without NSFW filters?

Moemate stands out as a popular choice for those seeking an alternative to Character AI without NSFW restrictions, facilitating unrestricted role-playing and creative exploration.

What is AI that acts like a character?

Character-like AI refers to artificial intelligence designed to emulate the personality, emotions, and behaviors of either fictional or real-life characters, enhancing the realism and engagement of interactions.

Will Character.AI remain free?

Yes, Character AI is committed to providing free and unlimited messaging, ensuring accessibility for all users.

Is there a better option than Character AI?

For storytelling and character development, Novel AI excels in bringing characters to life, making it a premier choice for creators focusing on character-driven narratives.

Can the Character AI filter be bypassed?

Bypassing the Character AI filter is not possible, as it's designed to maintain content standards and user safety.

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