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Create memories with more than 10,000 User created AI characters. Live out all your fantasies!

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Join thousands of users already using the best Character AI Alternatives to talk to their AI Girlfriends.

Why should you try Character AI Alternatives?

Unmatched Creativity

Explored unmatched creativity from your AI companions, you won't even feel like you're talking to an AI! Enjoy lifelike interactions with the AI characters.


Personalized Interactions

All the interactions that you'll have with your AI personas will be tailored to your likes and interests! No two conversations are alike.


Competitively Priced

You get the bang for your buck when you go for character AI alternatives, getting features like selfies and realistic voices to name a couple!

Your AI companions can send pictures!

Dive into the most engaging roleplay conversations.

Engage in personalized chats with AI
Improve your mental health.
Explore new perspectives.
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The most advanced Alternative for Character AI 

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Alternatives for character AI are advancing at a rapid pace. The complex AI architecture of this Character AI alternative can simulate complex human emotions, making it the perfect AI companion for all your needs

Moreover, the advances in AI image generation all this platform to pair your AI friends with AI image models to let them make any kind of images you want, no matter what the context is!

Moemate has been an absolute joy! The AI characters feel so real and interactive. It's like having a bunch of friends in my pocket. A must-have app for anyone!

Sarah, 28

1000s of our users are loving their AI companions, see what they have to say!

Got questions? Don't worry, we'll answer everything ;)

Check out our FAQs to get answers to all your queries

In this era of loneliness, this character AI alternative could prove to be a boon for everyone. By using advanced AI algorithms for realistic interactions and treating user privacy with the highest care, this platform crafts meaningful companionship between human and AI.

Question: Is this Character AI alternative safe?

Yes, this is the safest character AI alternative. This is because this platform let's you store your chat on your device, and the chats and interactions never leave your system.

Question: What is this platform?

To answer in short, this is a platform where you can make and talk to AI companions. These AI companions allow you to have realistic interactions which feel really human, all using the power of AI and our cutting edge technology.

Question: How much does this cost?

You can try out this service without any worries for completely free! You can check all the basic features like chat quality and AI images from characters, and if you like the service you can upgrade for a much better experience!


The best Character AI Alternative!

Try without any worries, no risks, for completely free!

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